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The story of Absolute Nirvana and our family of inns started when I moved to Santa Fe, NM, from Paris, France, in 1987. I opened my first inn the following year, naming it for my young son, Alexander.

Shortly after the birth of twins in 1996 I purchased two additional properties. Following the tradition of naming the inns after my children, Hacienda Nicholas and The Madeleine were born.

I never imagined I would own three inns, much less a spa. However, after two trips to Bali I was so taken by the beauty of the island and its people that I felt compelled to try to bring some of that experience home with me.

Bali is a feast for the senses and the people are so full of grace. I loved the fact that most spa treatments in Indonesia use traditional remedies based on plants, herbs, and spices for health and beauty care.

I came home and got busy recreating the atmosphere of Bali: one of beauty, elegance, and grace, where the client is treated with reverence and respect. The intention was to feed all the senses with fabulous tastes, heavenly aromas, beautiful sights, soothing sounds, and wonderful textures. Within a year Absolute Nirvana came to life.

I feel so blessed and grateful to have had the opportunity to put together this family of inns, and to watch them grow and evolve, much as I have watched my own family grow and evolve. I believe passionately that putting care and attention into what we do matters, and I hope this personal commitment is apparent to every guest who visits us.

~Carolyn Lee, founder

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