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Deluxe Treatments

All deluxe treatments begin with a ritual foot bath, which honors the divine within and helps the guest become grounded and centered.

It is traditional in Bali to begin spa treatments with a medicinal drink called Jamu, which means 'tonic' or 'cure-all'. We have our own version of this healthful beverage in the form of a delicious super high antioxidant drink made with pure chocolate and acai berries. Like traditional Jamu, this is indeed a cure-all.

The foot bath is followed by a full-body massage. You are drenched in aromatic hot oils,an exfoliating scrub, followed by a deeply penetrating mask, after which you rinse off in your own private shower.

Then luxuriate in a hand-carved granite tub, surrounded by a sea of rose petals from a dozen red roses, a fire burning at your feet (seasonal), while sipping hot Javanese ginger tea and nibbling on fruits and homemade organic chocolate truffles. As a parting gift, we will package your rose petals in a beautiful organza bag for you to enjoy at home.

Deluxe Treatment Menu - Each 2 Hour Long Treatment is $260

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