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In keeping with our total commitment to quality, Absolute Nirvana's staff of Master-level massage therapists all have between 10 and 28 years of experience (see therapist bio page).

Our massage oils are a blend of organic jojoba, safflower and grape seed oils, enriched with sea algae, Japanese Green Tea and Hop Extracts. In fact, we use only natural and organic products in all spa treatments at Absolute Nirvana.

We suggest that you leave this high quality massage oil on the body for as many hours as possible, allowing for optimal nourishment and moisturizing of the skin.

Massage Menu

The Ultimate Stress-Buster

This 90 minute treatment is specially designed to target the effects of stress - tight and aching muscles, headache and overall anxiety. Using Chinese herbal oils and a series of hot towels, we give you a full body massage, with special focus on the neck and shoulders. Relax under a heat blanket as you receive an additional foot massage, allowing the oils to penetrate deeply into your newly relaxed muscles. You will come out feeling completely refreshed, rejuvenated and uplifted.

90 minutes - $175

Classic Master's Massage

Classic Master's Massage

Massage can ease pain or tension from stiff aching muscles, boost circulation and alleviate mental stress, soothing the soul and fostering balance and serenity.

60 minutes $105
90 minutes $150

Couples Massage

Luxuriate with your sweetheart in our spacious couples massage room. Couples may choose from any spa treatments listed on our menu, from the Classic Master's Massage to the sumptuous Deluxe Treatments.

Please refer to the spa menu for pricing on the treatment of your choice.

Consider finishing up together with a rose petal bath in our over-sized couples tub. Soak amongst the petals of two dozen red roses as you sip hot ginger tea and nibble from a plate of tropical fruits and homemade chocolate truffles.

Couples rose petal bath: $100

Deep Tissue Sports Massage

Deep Tissue Sports Massage

This style of massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue, releasing chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep pressure.

60 minutes $125
90 minutes $175

Indo-Asian Hot Stone Massage

Indo-Asian Hot Stone Massage

Warm stones are gently placed on and under your body. As you are massaged with the stones, you feel the stress melt away... relaxing the body to a deeper level. Stone massage has a profound effect on the mind and body while facilitating the treatment process.

90 Minutes $190

Thai Massage

Passed down through generations, Thai Massage is a sublime body workout. Traditional Thai Massage employs pressure points and stretching techniques to release tension and increase vitality and flexibility. Guests wear loose-fitting clothing while receiving this treatment.

90 Minute Thai on Floor $160

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