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Natural Health & Beauty Tips

While waiting to experience your next blissful spa treatment at Absolute Nirvana Spa, we offer ancient herbal health and beauty recipes to help you achieve a state of utopia for mind, body and spirit. We will add a new health & beauty tip every week, both on our facebook page and on this site, so please check back regularly or simply sign up to be a fan. Cleansing for Joint Pain
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Cleansing for Joint Pain

Joint pain can be relieved by ridding the body of toxins. Through diet you can stimulate digestion and circulation, thus cleansing your liver and reducing joint pain. Try a drink made from a slice of raw ginger along with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar or fresh lemon juice, added to warm water. Let sit for a few minutes for ginger to permeate the water, then drink. The combination of hot and sour flavors provides a balanced cleanser. It's also a good remedy after a rich meal.

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