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Massage Add-Ons

Rose Petal Baths

Rose Petal Baths

Throughout Asia, bathing rituals are an integral part of physical as well as spiritual cleansing. We invite you to fully integrate the benefits of a relaxing massage or facial with a heavenly soak in one of our solid granite tubs.

Sip Javanese ginger tea, nibble on fruits and homemade truffles, enjoy the glow of the fireplace at your feet in winter, or the song of birds in summer, and luxuriate in an ocean of the petals from one dozen red roses. This is Nirvana!

If you would like to take your rose petals home with you, please let us know before your treatment and we will package them for you in a beautiful organza bag.

30 minute bath $63
30 minute couples bath $105

Bliss Package

Bliss Package

For optimal relaxation and a more youthful appearance, add the Bliss Package to any of our massage treatments.

Begin with a massage designed to relax face and scalp muscles. Then enjoy a nutrient-rich facial mask and cream for deep hydration and optimal nourishment. Finish with an herbal hot oil hair mask to promote healthy and brilliant hair.

30 minutes $68

Exfoliation Scrub & Shower

Follow your massage with a rejuvenating and nourishing scrub of your choice - choose from sea salt and French white clay for detoxification and cellulite reduction, brown sugar and cinnamon for a more gentle exfoliation, raw cacao and brown rice powder for an antioxidant boost, or brown rice powder, sandalwood and turmeric to aid in circulation. Follow this with a relaxing steamy shower. You will emerge glowing and revived.

30 minutes $68

Foot Fetish

Give your feet the attention they deserve by adding an additional 30 minutes to your massage, devoted solely to your feet. The Foot Fetish includes a foot polish and focused foot massage.

We'll have you walking on clouds when you leave.

30 minutes $58


Because we use only the highest quality organic oils in our treatments, we recommend that you leave the oil on your skin for optimal hydration and benefit. We recognize that this is sometimes not practical, and offer the option of booking your room for additional time for a shower.

10 minutes $15

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