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Absolute Nirvana is a Green Spa

The only Green Spa in Santa Fe, Absolute Nirvana is committed to incorporating sustainable earth policies and practices in the running of our spa. We hope to inspire other spas and businesses to follow suit.  

Our efforts caught the attention of The Green Spa Network and we were recently honored with an invitation to join this esteemed organization as a Cultivator Member, one of only 20 in the nation.

To further enhance your health and wellness, we have implemented the following changes and will continue to make advances in our endeavor to be a fully green spa:    

We use only all natural, organic, chemical-free and environmentally safe products to clean the spa. We use no bleach, dyes or perfumed detergents in our laundry and are searching for a truly effective and biodegradable laundry soap at the moment.

Eighty percent of our electricity is wind generated.

Only all-natural and organic ingredients and products are utilized in our spa treatments Estheticians use only the Naturopathica line, an organic and wild crafted line of skincare, for facials at Absolute Nirvana.

Our spa has its own water treatment system, allowing for the continual circulation and cleaning of water for our tubs. This saves thousands of gallons of water each month. The heat from this water, which circulates throughout the day, provides the majority of the heat in the treatment rooms in the winter months.

All new appliances are energy and water-efficient models.

We recycle all allowable glass, paper and plastic.

Cloth hand towels are used in place of paper towels.

Paper cups have been replaced with glass or plastic cups, and bottled water has been replaced by filtered water.

Wherever possible, we use compact fluorescent light bulbs, which use 1/3 the energy of incandescent bulbs. These compact fluorescent bulbs are recycled.
Grounds are illuminated with a combination of solar and motion detector lights to eliminate the waste of all-night outdoor lighting, though path lights are still used for added safety.

All toilets are low-flow, and all faucets and showers have flow-restrictors, allowing for a comfortable and water-efficient shower.

Spa stationery and menus are printed on recycled paper, using soy-based ink.

Shopping bags are made of recycled paper.

Dispensers filled with all natural soap, shower gel, lotion and shampoo have been placed in each bathroom in an effort to eliminate the waste of small plastic amenity bottles.

Our gardens are watered with a drip system to further reduce water consumption.

Only earth-friendly and non-toxic fertilizers are used in our gardens.


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